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well thank you :)
yours are quite amazing too.

Posted by gabieANARCHY on Feb 24, 08 5:37 am

Your layout making skills are fantastic.

Posted by melancholiclights on Feb 22, 08 11:21 pm

Haha, yeah. I don't know what it is about the font, it just seems to go with every layout. Heh. Thank you :D

Posted by melancholiclights on Aug 30, 07 2:09 am

Your work is great, I love it. Honestly, and no need to thank me at all. I only speak the truth.

Posted by melancholiclights on Aug 28, 07 12:00 pm

hey. thanx for your comments on my layouts. much appreciated xx

Posted by gabieANARCHY on Aug 28, 07 4:14 am
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