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Posted by vandosanchez on Feb 20, 18 7:56 pm · History

i love all your myspace layouts!

Posted by xchyeakellyx on Jun 21, 08 10:14 pm · History

Your layout making skills are fantastic.

Posted by melancholiclights on Feb 22, 08 11:21 pm · History

like your layout!

Posted by xoxo05 on Jan 22, 08 5:59 pm · History

Haha sameeeughi like layout makingbut i dont like to submit them o here, haha.
So ill just stick to tus and graphics(:

Posted by SaturdayRiot on Dec 17, 07 4:25 am · History

hey how are you? :]

Posted by SaturdayRiot on Dec 16, 07 4:58 pm · History

haha thanks for the comment

Posted by ChadDevil on Sep 27, 07 12:14 am · History

i love your icecream layout :) woot woot :) you have a great style...

Posted by PINKLollyPOP on Sep 19, 07 2:53 pm · History

I like your display picture. :D

Posted by markmejia on Sep 10, 07 7:03 pm · History

oh! ok thanx =]

Posted by lkajsfklajskds on Sep 10, 07 3:46 pm · History

wow, i love your page. how do you get the comments to start from the middle?

Posted by lkajsfklajskds on Sep 9, 07 9:08 pm · History

ur page kicks ass lol

Posted by jesusisthebestthing on Aug 30, 07 10:38 pm · History

Ha, my mom let me choose how I wanted to spell it when I was like four. She wrote out all the different ways and made me pick which one I liked the best.
And yes, the people here are extremely deprived. I asked a friend while she was sleeping over if she wanted to watch Little Miss Sunshine with me but she was afraid to because it was rated R. :/

Posted by schizo on Aug 30, 07 6:40 pm · History

its like that because its hand drawn and i scanned it lol

Posted by softbeauty on Aug 30, 07 7:48 am · History

Haha, yeah. I don't know what it is about the font, it just seems to go with every layout. Heh. Thank you :D

Posted by melancholiclights on Aug 30, 07 2:09 am · History

Yeah I'm probably just going to take her off my affiliates. If she stole that everything else probably isn't hers either...ew.

Yay for being named Gabi! Except we spell it differently. I've never seen it spelled the way you do...I like it!

Mmm yes. The White Stripes are my favorite band. Unfortunately no one that I know has even heard of them D:

Posted by schizo on Aug 29, 07 5:36 pm · History

you're welcome! your layouts are gorgeous.

Posted by phobias on Aug 29, 07 6:10 am · History

I just thought I'd let you know that someone pretty much stole your entire Johnny Knoxville layout:
http://runawayinnocen ce.paravida.o rg/
I affiliated with them and I thought the layout looked familiar but I couldn't remember where I saw it and then BOOM. I remembered you. The div is under 'layouts' not 'divs'. They did change the image so I'm not sure if you'll care but it really is the same thing. Just thought I'd let you know :D

Posted by schizo on Aug 28, 07 6:55 pm · History

Your work is great, I love it. Honestly, and no need to thank me at all. I only speak the truth.

Posted by melancholiclights on Aug 28, 07 12:00 pm · History

Thanks for the layout comment. :] like your pic of travis on your page!

Posted by llllghostllll on Aug 26, 07 2:24 am · History

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